Not only are we back in full force, we’ve also assembled a group of good-timers that can only be described as the Avengers of friend groups!

Our homies are committed to helping us curate the funnest, bestest, safest experience at RTD 2022 and we literally couldn’t be happier about it.

We’ll be giving you a peek into our #JWxRTD22 WhatsApp group chat as we plan towards 9 October so make sure to keep an eye out to learn about all the activations, competitions and surprises we’ve got coming up for you!


Please welcome our BFF Johnnie Walker – the official title sponsor of Rocking the Daisies 2022 and long-time good-timer!

Whether it’s the running-man, shuffle or midnight moonwalk, over the years they have always kept us moving.

We’re all looking forward to creating even more memories in 2022.


H&MThe Stylist

You know the homie in the squad who’s always coming through with the fire fits? Yeah, ours is H&M.

Say hello to the most stylish member of our friend group and official Fashion Partner of Rocking the Daisies 2022.

In their own words, their closet is your closet, so Daisies fits are sorted.