Rocking Since Since…

You know the pure, simplistic joy of finding a forgotten loose R100 in the pocket of your old jeans while doing your laundry? Yeah, that feeling is Daisies; but with a lot less detergent, plenty of sun and the best live soundtrack you have ever heard.

Starting out in the world-famous winelands of the Western Cape in South Africa back when Diddy was still Puff Daddy, over the span of almost two decades our three-day festival has expanded to include Johannesburg. 

Through it all, we’ve always been about the music.

Skinny jeans came, left and returned again; Barney the Dinosaur had enough and called it quits; we’ve even found a way to send pizza to the moon. But whether it was giving a platform to a promising hometown garage band, or capturing the biggest artist in the world during their iconic run, we’ve always just been about the music… and its magically transcendent ability to unify people of all walks of life from every corner of the world.

Reflecting the present and curating the future, Steyn Entertainment – the company behind Rocking the Daisies – is committed to developing, supporting and cultivating quality, multi-sensory cultural experiences, in the interest of maintaining that R100-laundry type joy through music and love.