You Will Need To Bring

  1. Bring YOUR festival ticket (a digital copy please – we like the trees)  
  2. 1 of these 3 forms of Identification:
  • ID
  • Passport
  • Driver’s License

No ID / Passport = No Entry.

Lost your ID? You will need to bring a valid affidavit from the SAPS explaining what happened to your original document. Affidavit to include your ID / passport number as well as your name and surname.

Main Gate Opening Times

Friday: 08:00 – 00:00
Saturday: 08:00 – 00:00
Sunday: 10:00 – 14:00

Please note: Once gates are closed you will not be permitted to enter the festival grounds. You’re welcome to leave at any time.


One shower a day is all you need. Save water and help the lines go by faster – the shorter YOUR showers the happier the campers (aim for 2 minutes), and the more water we save. Please be considerate of other fans waiting in line.

PLEASE NOTE: Toilets are available throughout the festival grounds. Showers are limited to campsites only.

Special Needs Facilities

The size of the festival means that there are vast distances between spaces, and given that the event is outdoors, the terrain can be challenging to move around on. Although we do make provision for all Rocking the Daisies festival-goers as best we can, we need to have an understanding of the full scope of your needs in advance, so that you have the best Daisies experience.

Please email and give us a full scope of your needs so that we can assist you further and plan ahead.

Lost & Found

We have a Lost & Found station at the festival. If you find / lose any items, please report to the desk and our team will assist. Please see our festival map for the exact location.

After the festival we will post an album on our Facebook page, containing all recovered items from the weekend that were not claimed. The items will stay with the Daisies team for two weeks, after which they will be handed over to the SAPS.

Festival Rules

  • No Under 18’s
  • Right of admission reserved
  • No ID / Passport = no entry (if you lose your ID / passport document then you need to bring an affidavit from the SAPS confirming the whereabouts of your ID – affidavit to include your ID number and full name and surname) 
  • No alcohol or liquids of any kind (including water) to be brought into the festival – you can bring soaps, shampoos, cosmetics and other personal hygiene items (in 500ml non-glass containers or less)
  • No glass
  • No animals
  • No illegal substances
  • No drones
  • No swimming after 5pm
  • No Shishas / Hubbly Bubblies
  • No fires / skottels / gas / braais
  • No plastic cups or plastic straws
  • No cash is permitted on site – we are a cashless festival. You can bring your debit / credit / cheque card to transact – all bank cards are welcome
  • No attitude, be lekker. Strictly no acts of discrimination, violence or hate speech against any groups, staff members, service providers or fellow festival goers will be tolerated
  • No sleeping in cars, campervans or in the parking area will be permitted
  • No tents over 3mx3m
  • No drinking of alcohol in the parking area will be permitted
  • Please remember to respect the environment and leave no trace. No litter bugs.
  • No professional photography equipment unless you are accredited media. Any camera with an interchangeable lens system is considered professional equipment.
  • If your wristband gets damaged over the weekend it will only be replaced when you bring the damaged band, your ticket and your ID to the main festival gates. If you fail to bring the damaged wristband you will not be issued a new one. No wristband will result in your removal from the festival
  • If you exit the festival for whatever reason, you will be subject to a full security check on re-entry
  • No entry will be permitted after gate closing times
  • Food is allowed, keeping in mind that no eating utensils or cooler bags/boxes will be permitted.

The Info Desk

Have a question? We have an info desk at the festival to help you with all of your needs and queries during the festival.

Friday: 10:00 – 02:00
Saturday: 08:00 – 02:00
Sunday: 08:00 – 15:00