Eco & Social

Stay Green and Keep it Clean

Waste is one of our main priorities and it’s our mission to host a clean, green festival. If it’s on the ground help us out and pick it up. The environment if all we have, so let’s keep it how we find it – beautiful, blossoming and spotless!

Leave no Trace

Bring a bin bag with you and make sure to keep your campsite clean all the time. Help us out and take any waste you find, whether it’s yours or not. Cloof Wine Estate works very hard at contributing towards the natural growth of indigenous fauna and flora, so don’t stuff it up.

Greening the Festival

As an environmental partner of Rocking the Daisies, Greenpop takes further steps to ensure the ecological effects of the festival are minimized as much as possible. The festival utilizes a grey water filtration system and recirculates it for irrigation on the venue’s farm. Similarly, waste management is run as an in-house operation, with the setup of waste collection points. Vendors at the festival are also required to use environmentally friendly packaging, to minimize the amount of harmful waste produced.

Our annual Walking the Daisies initiative, a two-day hike that starts in Cape Town and ends at the festival in Darling, aims to offset the festival’s carbon footprint, create positive environmental action, facilitate conscious dialog and raise awareness about the social and environmental challenges we face today.

Do Good


Join this year’s #DaisiesSpringClean by donating a piece of clothing at the festival – these items will then be donated to communities and organizations in need. Look out for the DO GOOD station at the festival entrance, donate a piece of clothing and walk into the weekend with a warm and happy feeling.