Rocking the Daisies Rocking the Daisies


We’re more than a music festival, and in just three days you can explore and experience a magnitude of new things! From fire breathing humans to long legged stilt walkers, prepare for gargoyles in the deadlight, fairies with inflatable wings, and parades of mystical creatures, leaving traces of magic everywhere they go.

Wake up to morning sessions of yoga, to remind you that your health and the environment come first, or laugh your way into a new day with pranksters, magicians and smile-makers at every turn.

Bump into buskers on boxes and get a bit of acoustic goodness on your way to grab that morning coffee, or walk into our many diverse activation stations and indulge yourself in unique experiences exclusive to Daisies. From virtual reality adventures to games, competitions and activities that bring out the best or competitive you, it’s time to discover new experiences in our vibrant little paradise.

More info on our exciting #RTD2018 activities coming soon.

Rocking the Daisies Rocking the Daisies