The simplistic charm of public school – just enough of the things you need to enjoy the ride.

Showers, toilets, security and the grass is provided – no cake sales, no iPads and no tents larger than 3x3m.

R295 (PHASE 1)


Public school, but with a few extra cool mural activities, and you don’t have to wait too long in line for your turn on the Jungle Gym.

More exclusive, more toilets, more showers and change rooms with power to put your face (and hair) on – tent size limited to 3x3m. 



Introducing the Oasis Camp at #JWxRTD. A safe space for women and LGBTQI+ festival goers. 

Assembly is limited to 1000 people. Official school anthem is Runs the World by Beyonce.

Includes exclusive bar, camp site talks, yoga and exercise, change rooms, goodie bags, entertainment and more. Tent size limited to 3x3m.